A status of Residence in Japan, “Specified Skilled Worker” was added on Immigration Control Act as of April 2019, aiming at addressing the serious labor shortage in Japan by accepting experienced foreign human resources with specific expertise and skills.

Specific Skilled Worker in detail

here are the following two types of specific skills.

  • Specific skill No. 1
  • Specific skill No. 2

Who is Specific Skilled Worker No.1?

Specified Industry Field (acceptable industry)Nursing care field, Building cleaning field, Raw material industry field, Industrial machine manufacturing field, Electrical / Electronic information related industry field, Construction field, Shipbuilding / Ship industry field, Automobile maintenance field, Aviation field, Accommodation field, Agriculture field, Fishery Field, Food and Beverage manufacturing field, Food service industry
Period of stayRenewal every 1 year, 6 months or 4 months. Up to 5 years in total.
Skill levelConfirmed by examination etc. (Foreigners who have completed Technical Intern Training No. 2 are exempt from examination etc.)
Japanese proficiency levelConfirm the Japanese proficiency required for daily life and work by examination etc. (N4 level) (Foreigners who have completed Technical Intern Training No. 2 are exempt from examination etc.)
Family companionBasically not admitted
Support by Accepting Organization or registered supporting organizationEligible

Sometimes Japanese Accepting Organization (Employer) is hard to support foreign worker sufficiently. I will support such organization to facilitate infrastructure (Accepting orientation, set up multi language infrastructure etc.).

Who is Specific Skilled Worker No.2?

Specific industry field (acceptable industry)Construction field, shipbuilding / ship industry field
Period of stayRenewal every 3 years, 1 year or 6 months No upper limit
Skill levelConfirmed by tests, etc.
Japanese proficiency levelNo need to check in test
Family companionPossible if the requirements are met (spouse, child)
Support by host or registration support agencyNot eligible

Measures by Japan government to welcome foreign worker

Additionally, The Government of Japan takes initiative in improving the infrastructure, such as the provision of multilingual information by public instructions and the infrastructure of daily life in order to welcome the rapidly increasing number of foreigner as “residence” in Japan.

What you can expect?

As an immigrant lawyer, I will support those Specified Skilled Workers and employers immigrant procedure, legal procedure and daily life support in Japan as well!

We Japanese always welcome those who want live in, work in Japan as a Specified Skilled Worker.

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