(Now on preparing) Certified Administrative Procedure Legal Specialist (Gyoseishoshi) Daisuke Tominaga will support;

  • Obtain status of residence / visa
  • Renew period of stay
  • Change status of residence
  • bring family / friends to Japan
  • Live permanently in Japan
  • Naturalize and become a Japanese citizen
  • International marriage, divorce, adoption, and inheritance
  • Study abroad in Japan
  • work in Japan
  • Set up business in Japan (undertake the procedures to start a company
  • undertake the procedures for a foreign company to invest in Japan

Business consultation

Also, I will provide;

  • Consultation on starting a company/business
  • Consultation on preparing business documents
  • Consultation on business money
  • Consultation on permits and procedures of construction business and industrial waste disposal business
  • Consultation on permission and procedure for entertainment and amusement business
  • Consultation on permission and procedures for cargoa nd transport business
  • Consultation on permission and procedures of welfare projects
  • Consultation on the application of other business licenses
  • Consultation on Intellectual asset and copyright
  • Consultation on employing foreigners

Consultation for livelihood

Also, I will provide;

  • Consultation on wills, inheritance, and pst-retirement years
  • Consultation for living and working in Japan for foreigners
  • Consultation on traffic accidents
  • Consultation of preparation of various documents such as contracts, settlement of agreements, etc.

Certified Administrative Procedure Legal Specialist: Daisuke Tominaga (Now on preparing)

FAX: 042-633-0924

Office location: 5F-10 Nagasawa Building, 12-8 Azmacho, Hachioji, Tokyo, 192-0082