How to establish a company and get Business manager visa in Japan?

This page explains how foreigners can establish a company in Japan and obtain a business manager visa. Here is a summary of the page:

What is a business manager visa:

It is a residence status that foreigners need to manage their own company in Japan. To obtain a business manager visa, foreigners need to establish a company in Japan and meet certain requirements such as capital, number of employees, business content, etc.

How to establish a company

 Foreigners need to follow the steps below to establish a company in Japan.

Prepare the notification documents

Create documents such as articles of incorporation and registration application form that state the name, purpose, capital, officers, location, etc. of the company.

Pay the capital

 Pay the capital of the company to a bank account and obtain a deposit certificate.

Apply for registration

Attach the notification documents and the deposit certificate and apply for registration at the Legal Affairs Bureau.

Complete the registration

When the registration application is accepted, registration certificates such as a copy of the register and a corporate seal certificate are issued. This completes the company establishment.

How to apply for a business manager visa

After establishing a company, foreigners need to apply for a business manager visa. The following documents are required for the application.

  • Application for Certificate of Eligibility: An application form filled out by the foreigner himself. It states the reason for application, period of stay, overview of the company to be managed, etc.
  • Registration certificate of the company: Registration certificates such as a copy of the register and a corporate seal certificate of the company. They prove the information of the company such as establishment, capital, officers, etc.
  • Business plan of the company: A business plan of the company that shows the business content, income and expenditure forecast, number of employees, etc. It indicates the business situation and future prospects of the company.
  • Resume of the foreigner: A resume of the foreigner that shows his background, education, work experience, etc. It indicates the foreigner’s management skills and experience.
  • Other documents: Documents that prove the personal information of the foreigner such as passport, photo, resident card, etc. and related documents such as business license and contract of the company may be required.

Issuance of the business manager visa:

Submit the application for certificate of eligibility and the necessary documents to the Immigration Bureau and undergo the examination. If you pass the examination, you will receive a certificate of eligibility. With this certificate, you can get a visa stamp for the business manager visa at the Japanese embassy or consulate. After getting the visa stamp, you can enter Japan and receive a residence card. This completes the acquisition of the business manager visa.

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